Your New Puppy

What’s included with your puppy:

  • newPuppy
    Your puppy will have a comprehensive health exam, worming, age appropriate vaccines and be microchipped.
  • It will be sent home with a blanket with it’s mother’s scent, a favorite toy, treats, an instruction sheet and a certificate for 30 days of Trupaninon health insurance.

Our Puppy Selection Process

The choosing of your puppy is a decision which is based upon factors collected from getting to know a bit about your family dynamics from your application as well as emails and conversations along the process.

Our daily observations and basic temperament testing (which is done at 6 weeks of age) along with gender and color preferences are all taken into account. 

Pups are assigned after we have selected the ones from the litter which we will hold back as potential breeders to add to our program in the future.

We will welcome your input after viewing pictures and videos for 6 weeks which we have posted or sent to you.

This method has worked with great success and we have never had a disappointed family!

Please note that we do not spay or neuter our puppies before they go home.
Some research has shown this to be harmful to the future health, development and growth of the puppy. We want our puppies to not only get the best start in life, but live long healthy lives! Click here for an article referring to this information.

Many ESN programs (early spay and neuter) started out of a need to stop overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats coming from shelters. Our puppies are sent home with a strict spay and neuter contract. We release the ALAA certificate upon receipt of proof of sterilization.

Puppies go home at 8 weeks of age. We are no longer able to board puppies beyond their take home date.