Who We Are

We are located in beautiful Woodbridge, Connecticut.

Our dogs enjoy our property which includes many wooded acres as well as a large yard, where they play and romp and love to swim in the creek.

Our family has owned many dogs, but after developing allergies myself, and having 2 asthmatic children, it was necessary to find a suitable breed with an allergy friendly, non-shedding coat.
Many years ago, we brought home our first Australian Labradoodle, “Rivermist Ivy”. Her temperament and intelligence made it apparent from the start that this dog was very special. We took her as a young, exuberant pup to visit an elderly relative in a rehab center. When we placed this wiggly bundle of wool on the woman’s lap Ivy was quiet and calm, sensing this was her “job.” And so was born our first therapy dog!

Australian Labradoodles work very successfully as diabetic alert dogs, therapy dogs and other kind of service dogs due to their intelligence, allergy-friendly coat and calm and friendly demeanor. They are the perfect dog for families! Their tails wag all day long as they play, play, play with their human siblings, and then happily doze beside them, when mom says it’s time for bed.

We lovingly raise, train and care for all of our dogs inside of our home. We do not have kennels. Our mission is to continue to breed healthy, intelligent puppies who can bring happiness and love from our family to yours.