Guardian Program

We offer approved families a special opportunity to qualify as a guardian home. how this works is that a “pick of the litter” puppy is placed in an approved home, free of charge when the puppy is about 10 weeks old

Once the dog has completed all of it’s health testing, and reaches full maturity, we would breed the dog. She would return to our home in time to deliver her puppies, returning back to you once her puppies are weaned. When the breeding career is over (usually 3 litters), we spay them and they are returned to your family with full ownership rights to live out their lives as a loving family pet.

We have “stud” family guardian homes as well.

As a guardian home your responsibilities would be:

1) Routine Vet care including monthly Heartworm medication.

2) Feeding Life’s Abundance food

3) Live within a reasonable distance to Woodbridge Labradoodles

4) Open communication with the breeder

5) Contained yard

6) No unneutered male dogs in the home

Fill out our “Contact Us” form if you are interested in this program, or to obtain more information.