Available Puppies

We are excited to announce the following planned litters for the first half of 2019

Kona (You Bring me Joy) and Cooper

Pups are expected on March 5th, with a take home date around May 1st.

Size will be large mini–small mediums. 23–28 lbs.

Colors will be red, apricot, chocolate and cream. All pups will have white markings. Wavy fleece coat.

Accepting reservations.

Charley and Cooper

Charley will be having her final litter at the end of May.

Pups will be mediums and could range from 25–35 lbs, and will arrive in red, cream and chocolate solids, with wavy fleece coats.

Her pups have always been reserved early. We do have a few openings left as of right now however.


Lacey will have her final litter of pups at the end of July.

Pups will go home in September.

Lacey is a small standard at 45 lbs.

Please contact us for availability.