Our Labradoodles

Our dogs are our pride and joy! They are thoroughly health tested and fed a healthy diet of Life’s Abundance dog food, and enjoy raw vegetable treats grown right here in our garden, which is irrigated with spring water directly from our creek. 

Shadow Mountain “Vision in Red”

ALAA #071163
We call her “Reagan”. She is the beautiful red girl we have long been searching for. A 31 lb. cuddle bug. We have just started taking her to visit patients at the Rehab Center. Everyone is in love with her!


“Jubilee Cooperstown Clipper”



Cooper is our newest addition. We are very excited to add him to our program. His guardian home of 3 children adore him. We look forward to his beautiful puppies in the near future.


Woodbridge “Golden Harp”

ALAA #068403


Harper loves everyone she meets, but the love of her life is her human brother. She gets into her car seat and sees him off to school in the morning, and whimpers as he waves goodbye. She saves up all her sloppy kisses for the minute he walks thru the door!

Woodbridge “Hey Little Lucy”

ALAA # 063219

Lucy is Charley Brown’s little phantom. She is bright and energetic, and like her mom she is intuitive and always eager to please.

She is currently in training with her guardian sister who will be working with her as a therapy dog.

Woodbridge “You Bring Me Joy”

ALAA # 058455

Joy who is referred to as “Kona”, is our lively apricot and white girl who just can’t seem to stop giving kisses! She wiggles in your arms until she can place a big kiss on your face. Then she runs off to find another victim. She is a kissing bandit!



Bestland’s “Finnegan’s Tale”

ALAA # 065064

Finn is a sweet, laid back, gentle caramel boy who lives nearby in his guardian home with his brother “Mocha”. They have bonded nicely, and are never far from each other.

He has a beautiful fleece coat and gorgeous hazel eyes.


Shadow Mountain “Irish Lace ‘n Pearls” (Lacey) 

ALAA #047445

“Lacey” is stunning in every way. Photos can’t capture the beauty of her hazel eyes against her fleecy cream coat. She is 45 lbs of pure joy! Playful, yet laid back. Happy to retrieve a ball or lay gently by your side. She lives nearby in her guardian home where she is spoiled daily.



Shadow Mountain “Charley Brown” (Charley)

ALAA #046143



Charley is an extraordinary, delightful girl who weighs 30 lbs. She is affectionate and easygoing, and amazes us everyday with her compassion and intuitive nature. It’s no surprise that she comes from a line of great therapy dogs!

She displays a keen sense when comfort is needed in our family, of both people and pets alike, knowing just who may need an extra snuggle or sloppy kiss.


Rivermist “Ivy Finnegan” (Ivy)

ALCA C067-05062013-087-LF1 

 Ivy is our true red girl with a gorgeous fleece coat with lots of curls. She has a comical side and is a bit of a thief around the house, but the one thing she will definitely steal is your heart!

Ivy is not a breeding dog, she is often seen around the assisted living centers making people smile.


Ivy visiting an assisted living center