Doodle Mail

Hi Sharon,

We wanted to thank you again!!! Brody has made himself right at home!! Him and Chloe are playing non stop and the boys sure tire him out! Lol He hasn’t had one accident since we picked him up Saturday morning!!! He’s a great addition to our family!!!




Just a quick pic! He’s been sleeping like this for an hour! I think he’s very happy with us. You have done a fabulous job raising happy, balanced puppies. We couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!




Thanks for such a great puppy!



Hi Sharon and Jay

I hope you’re both well. 

I thought it was time to send an update on Barkley (Clarence!). He is

doing very, very well. He has settled down wonderfully and we all love him very much. He is getting bigger and has started putting on weight…..he now weighs 16lb and is eating really well….although he is fussy and prefers the canned food to the dry! 

He has now had all his shots and is mixing well with other dogs….although he gets totally excited at first and wants to lick everyone! We have had many, many house guests and he has been great with all the different kids we’ve had come stay…he was also excellent with a 13 month old little boy who wouldn’t leave him alone! 

He took his first holiday with us, we took him to our family home in Maine, a 9 hour dive in the car which he made without any problems. He also worked up the courage (finally) to jump into the family pool! First time he did it Mike had to jump into rescue him…it was in the first few days of getting him home! Now he can jump in and swim to the steps and get out by himself…although he does love to float around on the inflatable chair with me!…it’s great fun but makes his fur very hard and matted so he always needs a good brush afterwards. He is going for his first grooming on Saturday as his coat is very long, we thought he might appreciate a haircut in this hot weather!

All in all he is a brilliant dog, he takes his business outside all the time now so no more accidents on the rugs! He sleeps well in his crate and during the day he takes himself off to the coolest part of the room to nap….we regularly find him laying on the air-vents if the aircon is on! The girls adore him, especially Emily, she lays in his bed with him giving him hugs with he puts up with with amazing good grace! He is definitely a mummys boy though, he follows me around the house where ever I go (he is currently laying under the desk) and likes nothing more than a cuddle on my lap! 
I’ve attached some photos of him for you to see how big he is getting.

Kind regards


Hey Sharon. Just wanted to share a couple pics of Nelly. She is doing great she is almost 18 pounds (hopefully she stops growing soon). We love her! We referred about 6 people your way for puppies. Hopefully they reach out. Thanks again. 



Just wanted to share a picture of Roux. He’s doing well and we are very happy. We can’t imagine our family without him. He has a great temperament and does well with our 4 year old Grace. Thank you for all of your help in easing his transition to our family.  


Melissa, Ben, Grace, and Roux

Hi Sharon,

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update, so I thought you might appreciate hearing about how Lizzie is growing up.

By our home scale, she is now just over 23 lbs. She is still very puppy at this point, but maturing into such a good dog! We SO enjoy having her as part of our family!

Here are a few recent photos.  She also just got her first haircut and did well. She almost couldn’t see before the cut and now we can see her beautiful eyes again!

Hope all is well with you!


Jay and Sharon,

Rufus is the best dog in the world!! 
We’ve got many photos/videos to send you.
He is one happy pup!

Thank you again!


Hi Sharon,

Happy New Year! We ADORE and love Cleo. Everyone we know, including my in laws (who are not dog people) say she is the best dog ever. She is!




Dear Sharon,

Kyra is a little angel. We love her very much. 
Thank you,